Faculty philosophy

How to you make a shopping arcade bustle with people again?
How do you turn haiku into a resource for tourism?

The Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation will cultivate talented individuals with the ability to work together with local people, plan and draft solutions to challenges, and lead regional communities towards the creation of value in order to sustainably develop varied regional communities. To this point, the Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation has established the following Admissions Policy and is now seeking individuals with the desire to be involved in the resolution of regional challenges.

Admissions Policy

Knowledge and Practical Abilities

1. Possession of basic scholastic ability within the scope acquired via a high school education and specialized knowledge and practical abilities.

Thinking and Judgement

2. Can logically consider multiple perspectives in order to achieve goals and can summarize one’s own thinking.

Interest, Motivation, and Cooperation

3. Is interested in the sustainable development of regional communities and possesses the desire and passion to be actively involved in them.
4. Has the will to actively engage in the discovery and resolution of problems while working in groups with various other people.

Skills and Expression

5. Can understand the opinions of others and can express one’s own thoughts, both orally and on paper.


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