Message from the President of
the Faculty of Collaborative
Regional Innovation

We will cultivate the talented
individuals needed by regional
communities through a faculty
which integrates of the humanities
and sciences and which will serve
as the core of collaborative
regional innovation

Ehime Prefecture is rich in local color, surrounded by ocean and mountains and with an abundance of forest and marine resources. The varied topography of the land has produced unique communities, culture, and industries. The prefecture is divided into the Nanyo, Toyo, and Chuyo areas, all with highly divers primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Conversely, it can be said that issues such as Japan’s aging society, changes to the structure of industry, and, moreover, the advance of globalization are exerting a heavy influence on regional communities in the prefecture. Against this backdrop, these same regional communities are facing a diverse set of challenges, including a lack of industry promotion and business creation, the decline of local industry, a shortage of innovation, decaying municipal and community functions, frequent natural disasters, the depopulation of rural districts, and loss of local community. These challenges are characterized by a complex intertwining of root causes. Not only is it difficult to find clues to resolving them, but even just responding promptly to the daily shifting state of the communities from which these root causes emerge is extremely challenging. It is also nearly impossible for government to resolve these challenges alone; the cooperation of local residents is essential. Accordingly, regional communities now need talented individuals able to become involved in these various challenges, make the best use of regional resources, and work together with regional community members to lead them toward becoming sustainable societies. Challenges such as these are shared by every regional community, and as such the kinds of individuals needed by regional communities are needed everywhere.
Ehime University is establishing the Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation, a faculty specializing in regional communities, to cultivate just these kinds of people. A faculty which integrates specialty fields from the humanities and sciences and which places collaborative regional innovation as its core, it will return to communities as leaders individuals born and raised there to stimulate and revitalize them. The faculty will make use of practical education aimed at problem-solving through the integration of theory and hands-on experience in each year of schooling. I encourage everyone interested in community revitalization, who cares about regional communities, who values the people living there and their natural environments, to work with us and build their future.

Professor Katsushi Nishimura

President, Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation

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