Faculty administration integrated
with regional communities

The Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation will establish a Collaborative Regional Innovation Council, the majority of whose members will be comprised of regional stakeholders, in order to make use of their opinions and ideas in the faculty administration. The Collaborative Regional Innovation Council will deliberate the faculty’s basic policy as a core component in the operation of the faculty, together with the academic staff.

 Message from the extramural members of Collaborative Regional Innovation Council

Kazuyuki Yamashita

Chief Director of Regional Development Sub-department, Ehime Prefectural Government

 Today, as we greet a shrinking population and face the fear of declining regional dynamism, In Ehime. we actively work toward the revitalization of our own area by harnessing such diverse regional resources as its amassed monozukuri manufacturing industry and abundance of agriculture, forest, and fisheries products.
 It is against this backdrop that the Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation has been established at Ehime University. There are strong expectations that industry, academia, the government, and residents working together to promote the cultivation of hands-on, talented individuals focused on regional communities and who possess surpassing implementation, communication, coordination, and leadership skills will lead to an increase in the prefecture’s appeal as well as sustainable development.

Shingo Yoshida

Guidance Director, Guidance Department of Ehime Prefecture Board of Education

 Amidst the demand for regional revitalization, I believe that the cultivation of talented individuals equipped via formal education with the planning and implementation abilities needed to lead the region is an urgent challenge.
 I anticipate that the students who gain highly practical skills through means such as fieldwork and internships in the Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation will go on to show themselves as regional leaders in the future.
 As a member of the Ehime Prefecture Board of Education, I will also work to cultivate high school students with the desire to engage in regional revitalization.

Yukio Yanagida

Senior Managing Director, The Ehime Shimbun Co.,Ltd. (Newspaper)

 The population of Ehime Prefecture peaked at 1.53 million in 1985. As of April 2016, it had declined to 1,378,634. In Ehime, with its aging society and decreasing birthrate, this drop in population will only accelerate, and has even been predicted to fall below 1 million in 30 years’ time. Ehime is an extremely wonderful and easy place to live – warm, abundant in nature, and blessed with an abundance of agricultural products such as the top citrus production in Japan as well as the bounties of the sea. The Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation at Ehime University will provide a field for practical studies where we will create the future together. We expect bright young students to learn much and thrive here in Ehime.

Masahiko Nagano

Solution Sales Department Director, The IYO BANK, Ltd.

 The mission of regional financial institutions such as ours is to give financial leeway and dynamism to towns and lives, as well as to set the stage for a more abundant tomorrow together with regional communities.
 We fully believe that the establishment at Ehime University of the Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation, a program deeply rooted in regional communities; cooperating with regional stakeholders and the university; and working to resolve regional challenges will be significant for the local community.
 In line with this, Iyo Bank has established an endowment course in the Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation to promote the creation of attractive regional communities together with Ehime University.

Junya Yoneda

The Ehime Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs,Vice Managing Director

 I feel deeply honored to be nominated, following Managing Director Tetsuo Kamada, for the position of non-academic member of the Collaborative Regional Innovation Council.
 I realize that the Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation is actively engaged as a solution maker for regional issues, while striving to nurture human resources that are able to create regional solutions by themselves, based on solid knowledge and concepts. As a member of the stakeholder community, my purpose will be to learn and develop all possible knowledges together with our Faculty.

Isamu Nakano

Administrative Director, Active Volunteer21 (Authorized NPO)

 Our society continues to change at an astonishing pace. In order to respond quickly to these changes and for society to continue to evolve, we must work with a wide variety of stakeholders to create new value. Universities, in particular, are expected to play a key role in improving the appeal of local areas and in generating prosperity.
 Against this backdrop, the formation of the Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation is truly a timely move. I believe that it is urgent that we cultivate talented individuals equipped with new knowledge integrating the humanities and sciences and who possess problem-solving abilities based on the same.

Yumi Ōuchi, Center Director

Ehime Prefecture Youth Employment Assistance Center

 “Scholarship to create you, society created by you.” In accordance with these exciting words, we sincerely anticipate that the Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation will be a space which draws forth the limitless potential all young people possess and cultivates in them the joy of becoming talented individuals who will create their own regional society.
It is our hope to consider what we adult members of society can do in order to aid this, and to maintain an attitude of learning together with students.

Takashi Morikawa

Managing Director, Ehime Prefectural Pulp & Paper Industrial Association

 In the Tōyo area of Ehime, there is an abundance of monozukuri (production creation), and in the city of Shikokuchūō, one can find a cluster of the top industries of paper production in Japan. In addition, the Ehime Institute of Industrial Technology Paper Technology Center and the Paper Industry Innovation Center of Ehime University are key pillars of the industry/academic-governmental cooperation essential to new product development as well as the cultivation of human resources.
 The formation of the Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation and in particular the establishment of the Paper Industry Course in the Department of Industrial Innovation are events which have created big expectations among those involved in the paper industry. It is my hope that we can work as one with the paper business and contribute to sustainable development in the region.

Takahito Yamamoto

Chief Director, Saijō Natural School

 The Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation at Ehime University is welcoming students such as yourself through its doors and is beginning to come to life.
 The region is faced with a variety of challenges. And these challenges are in fact much more complicated and wide-ranging than has been and can be conveyed in the media. In the field of the natural environment, you will find that regional, global, human and academic perspectives are all required at the same time.
 It is my hope we can share with you our experience facing these regional challenges first-hand and consider how to resolve them and what the ensuing process should be.

Seiji Ōtsu

Representative Director, Muchachaen K.K.

 Just what does it mean to “repeat history?” It is said that the age in which we live is at a delicate turning point, and the question is can we maintain this time of prosperity, or will we fall into a dark age?
Precisely because we live in such times, the cultivation of talented individuals is of the utmost importance. At turning points in the past, leaders such as Ryōma Sakamoto appeared. What will be important in the times to come will be a citizen’s (one’s own) ability to empathize; it will not be what one can do for someone but what one can do with someone that will change society.
 I believe the growth of people is the growth of the organization they belong to, and it will be Japan's strength in moving forward.
 I have great expectations for the cultivation of talented individuals who will be able to shoulder collaborative regional innovation in the Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation.

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