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Industrial Management

MESSAGE.Industrial ManagementAspirations for Local Government Service from the Start

Industrial Management Course Graduation in 2019


Toyo Local Station, Ehime Prefecture

In my work at the Imabari Branch Taxation Office of the Ehime Prefecture Tōyo Regional Bureau, I take care of tasks related to prefectural taxes like the automobile tax. Besides desk work, I also get to have direct contact with Ehime residents through counter service, such as consultations about making tax payments, so every day is stimulating. There are laws I need to keep track of, unfamiliar terminology, and times when the procedures confuse me, but my superiors and senior co-workers give me assistance.
Regional revitalization is something I care about, so I had aspired to work for the local government right from the time I enrolled. While I was a student, I actively participated in disaster-relief volunteering and completed an internship at the Ehime Prefectural Government Office. The interactions I had with the personnel and local residents really boosted my motivation. Lectures on the local economy and industries at the university were very helpful to me in considering policies in response to the vital issue of depopulation facing our Prefecture.

Industrial Innovation

MESSAGE.Industrial InnovationExperiencing the Usefulness of a Broad-Based University Education

Monozukuri (Product Creation) Course Graduation in 2019

HINO Mayumi

Hikari Co.,Ltd.

I decided to pursue studies in the Department of Industrial Innovation because of my predilection for monozukuri product creation. Over the course of my studies, I gained interest in the factory automation (FA) industry, which involves making machinery for factories that mass-produce things, and that led to my current job. Right now, I’m in a department involved with electrical control in production facilities, and I mainly do wiring work for facilities’ electrical systems while learning the fundamentals.
I can really feel that the broad range of knowledge I acquired is getting put to use in my work, not just from my field of specialty but from throughout my time at the university. Even in a department involved with control, there’s a need for knowledge of mechanical systems. I do think I’m putting the fundamental knowledge base I acquired at Ehime University to use and maintaining an awareness of things from other departments’ viewpoints, like design and assembly. I’m also applying the communication skills I developed through field research.

Environmental Design

MESSAGE.Environmental DesignLearning Opportunities in a Range of Different Settings

Environmental Sustainability Course Graduation in 2019

NOBUO Kazuki

i-Television Inc.

Right now, I work in the i-Television Inc. Sales Department. In case you’re wondering, “What would Sales at a TV station actually involve?’ we make proposals to companies for time slots to run their commercials. There aren’t any tangible goods we sell, which can make it tough to explain. Companies buy sections of airtime from us to use as their own, though, and we make various suggestions about how they might use their commercials to more meaningful effect with the time they’ve purchased, inquire about any requests they might have, and so on. That’s the kind of thing my work consists of.
Many of the classes in the Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation involve extracurricular learning, so you inevitably get a lot of chances to interact with people from outside. I can definitely feel that the experience I acquired there is getting put to use in my current work. I have a renewed sense that I was fortunate to have spent four years actively involved with the Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation, where I enjoyed opportunities for learning in a wide range of different settings.

Regional Resource Management

MESSAGE.Regional Resource ManagementApproaches to Regional Resource Utilization Developed at University

Agricultural, Mountain, and Fishing Villages Management Course in 2019

SATOH Jinsei

yuboku Co.,Ltd

yuboku Co., Ltd is an agricultural venture company that uses Hanaga brand beef and pork from cattle and hogs raised on its own farm in the primary through tertiary sectors. Since joining the company, I’ve made sales space improvements with a focus on butcher’s shops and handled planning and proposals, implementation, and product development while learning about the flow of goods, people and money between the farm and retail shops.
During my time at Ehime University, I pursued broad-ranging studies in a variety of fields, starting with management and self-government in village communities made up mainly of households working in agriculture, forestry, or fisheries. In my spare time, I got involved with local community building, taking part in food and drink sales at regional events and other regional activities. The eye for discovering regional resources and approaches to utilizing them that I developed during my time at the university and my experience getting involved with local communities have not gone to waste. I’ve been able to apply them effectively in my current job.